What is TiddlyWink? and How Exactly Can We Play It?

An Introduction Video

Tiddlywink Consists of 4 sets of Winks

A Pot in the Middle

And each player uses a squidger to move his/her winks.

So overall, it should look something like this.

To win the game, player should pot as many as possible their own winks into the pot
or squap as many as possible opponent winks

At the start of the games, all winks are placed at the 4 corners.

The First Step of the Game is called Squidge Off.
This is to move winks closer so they are pottable.

Then players should attempt to pot as many winks as possible.


To score, you need to pot. Aim you squidger towards the pot. Press on the far end of the wink and quickly rotate the squidger to push the wink into the air.

Selection of Potting Angle

The angle of squidger is essential in accurate potting.
The further away from the pot, the flatter your squidger should be

Drag the red dot to change the distance of potting

Squaping can prevent opponent winks from moving.
It also reduces the points gained by opponents

First Squapping Technique: At Close distance

Second Squapping Technique: From Afar

CUTWC Wink OUTS Wink OUTS Squidger