Upcoming Events

Introductory Social

Social - TBC Trinity Term 2021

Location TBC

Following a difficult academic year, we hope to have a safe introductory social once restrictions allow us.

Varsity Training

Practice - TBC Trinity Term 2021

Location TBC

Training for the big one this summer.

Varsity Match 2021

Competition - TBC Trinity Term 2021


Following on from our close defeat last year, this year promises ever more exciting action in the most eagerly awaited match of the year.

Past Events

Annual General Meeting

Admin - Tuesday 6th Week HT 21 - 23/02/2021


We had our AGM featuring an agenda of

  1. Annual report of the Committee, including annual accounts of the Society
  2. Report from the Committee on the Society’s compliance with Paragraph 2 of the Standard Constitution
  3. Elections for Members of the Committee or the suspension thereof
  4. Motions submitted by members
  5. Any Other Business

We also discussed in detail our desire to improve recuitment into the society this year. This included plans to place Tiddlywink sets in college JCRs and bars.

Varsity Match 2020

Competition - Saturday 6th Week TT 20 - 29/02/2020

C Day Lewis Room, Wadham College, Oxford

We lost. We will be back next year.